The hardware setup of the hosting server where you host your Internet sites is very important and can influence their performance. As a website includes also databases, logs, a Control Panel to maintain the content, an e-mail service, etc, you need suitable hardware which can support these processes. A unit with a high CPU speed means that your web apps will be executed more efficiently, while more physical memory will enable more system processes to run at once, therefore the hardware will have direct impact on how your websites perform and if the server isn't powerful enough, they will work slowly or will not work at all. In this light, you should check not just what features a given web hosting plan includes, but also if the hardware shall be adequate to support such capabilities.
24-core servers, hardware in Website Hosting
In case you decide to get one of our website hosting plans, you won't have to worry about the servers where your websites will be accommodated or about the deficiency of resources. We employ an outstanding cloud platform and each service is managed by a separate cluster of servers. Every machine inside the clusters features 24 processor cores and 64 GB RAM, so no matter what applications you need to employ, they will perform at top speed all the time. We could always add more machines to any of the clusters, meaning that the processing power and the hard disk space for our solutions is practically unrestricted. For even better performance, we use solid-state drives for the storage, that will raise the overall performance of your Internet sites considerably. As our servers are not only extremely powerful, but also redundant, you won't notice any downtime for any Internet site that you host with us.
24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Servers
The semi-dedicated server accounts which we provide are created on a fantastic cloud web hosting platform where every service, such as the file storage, the email messages and the usage statistics, is taken care of by a separate cluster. The machines which are part of each cluster have 24-core processing units plus 64 gigabytes of RAM, which guarantees that your sites will perform as well as possible and that their growth will not be limited by the hardware they run on. Unlike many other companies, we do not make any compromise with the hardware and the powerful machines that we employ are behind the unlimited features that we provide for the semi-dedicated plans. Any time we need additional system resources, we simply add extra servers with the very same outstanding and powerful hardware, so if you decide to buy one of our packages, you will get the most out of your web apps.
24-core servers, hardware in VPS Servers
The VPS servers which we offer are created on powerful physical servers, so you will be able to fully utilize the system resources that come with your plan. Each machine has a total of 24 CPU cores and 64 GB physical memory, that shall ensure the fast and secure operation of any application you run on the VPS. If you decide to upgrade, you will not encounter a situation where the free system resources are not sufficient as when we set up a new virtual server, we ensure that there will be space for every single user on it to upgrade without affecting the rest of the users and the overall server efficiency. We also employ solid-state drives which will accelerate your sites even more, so in case you're moving from some other service provider, you'll notice the difference in the service.
24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers
In case you need more power for your websites and you order one of our dedicated servers, you'll obtain a configuration with meticulously tested parts which could handle a significant load. We offer servers with as many as 12 CPU cores combined with 16 GB RAM, so regardless of the kind of websites you plan to host, you won't ever face any issues with their functionality since you will not share the system resources with anyone else. In case your sites do not require that much power, we have smaller packages as well, but the top quality of the service will be the same. All machines feature Gbit network cards for fast access speeds to any kind of content hosted on them. The 24/7 support crew in our US-based datacenter in Chicago, IL will make sure that your server performs at its top capabilities and if any hardware problem appears, they can replace any part in a few minutes.